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A Balancing Assistant for Shares
Certificates, Loans, Cash, ATMs,
ACH and more,

eBalancing is designed to assist you in balancing your Core Application with your General Ledger on a regular basis.

eBalancing will import reports that you traditionally use in a manual balancing process. It extracts the information needed from each report and compares balances in each application.

The Balancing Report will reflect the manual process you currently use, but will accomplish the process in minutes. Anomalies with be highlighted, and you can document the resolution procedures in the application. 

The resultant Balancing Report is saved in a history file, along with the reports used as input, for reference or auditing purposes.

eBalancing can assist you with:

  • Shares & Certificates

  • Loans

  • Share Drafts

  • Cash

  • Debit Cards

  • Credit Cards

  • ACH

  • ATM

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