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Streamline Member / Visitor / Delivery Check In/Out

Easy to install and operate and manage your member traffic.


Greet Members

eReceptionist welcomes your members with friendly, intuitive messages and easy to use touch controls.

  • Personalized Welcome Format.

  • Optional Visitor Badge.

  • Sign NDA or other documents.

  • Notify staff that member has arrived.

Visitor Check-In

Immediately acknowledge their presence and identify their purpose and who they are there to see.

  • Create record of their arrival.

  • Notify their contact that they have arrived.

  • Real-time queue of arrivals and exits.

Electronic Customer / Member CheckIn
eReceptionist - Delivery Check In

Delivery CheckIn

Receive deliveries and notify recipients.

  • Maintain record of regular vendors.

  • Create permanent record of all deliveries.

  • Record delivery and receipt.

Connect With Staff

eReceptionist features advanced options for connecting visitors with your staff, whether they are at their desk or on the road, via text or email notifications when members check-in​.

eReceptionist - Staff Notifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use our own hardware?

Yes. You are welcome to purchase your hardware any where you like.

Can the Queue be displayed on a large screen? 

Yes. You can use a smart TV with a browser, or we can provide an inexpensive "stick" computer to connect to your TV's HDMI input.

How do I manage my account? 

Login to your account using the password you setup initially. Click the “Settings” button at the top of the screen. You will be able to update information about your account.

How do I update my contacts? 

In the Settings menu, select "Contacts". You may enter their department, e-mail and/or mobile phone, if they wish to receive SMS messages. You may also designate an alternate contact, if they are not available.

Is support included?

Absolutely. We offer free unlimited support (even during your free trial) to answer any questions you have.

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