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eForms will access information from your Core Processor and populate  fields in your forms. eForms will allow your member to sign or initial the form as required, e-mail or text the completed document, attach supporting documents, and export the document to your Document Archival application 


Core Application Access

eForms can retrieve data from your Core Application and populate fields on your form. Data and completed documents are housed securely in your own environment.

Regulatory and Proprietafy Forms

Any type of form may be utilized in eForms. If it is a regulatory form, we use the document as a template. If you need a proprietary form, we can use your design or we can design the form for you.

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In Person Signatures

eForms will display the form on an iPad for your members to view and sign directly on the iPad. If all parties are not present the document may be held for later signing, at another time or location.

Mobile Signatures

As an option, you may use you member's mobile phone to sign a document. If the member does not have a phone the MSR may use their phone to allow the member to sign.

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E-Mail, Text or Print

eForms allows the member to select how they wish to receive their document. Documents may be securely transmitted to the member's e-mail or cell phone.


OnLine Signatures

Using DocuSign or any other online signature application is a simple and seamless operation with eForms. Signed documents can be retrieved, combined with Supporting documents and archived.

Archive Documents

eForms will create a "flattened" Adobe PDF file, or other type of image file, for archiving. The required indexing may be created in the file name, as a "ghost script" on the form, or in a separate text file as required by your Document Archival application.

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