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Employee Time Tracking
and Scheduling

eTimeClock provides you accurate and efficient workforce time tracking and scheduling. Employees may clock-in and clock-out and access their individual schedules on your kiosk, their mobile device, or at their work station. 


  • Review and maintain schedules. Make changes as conditions change.

  • eTimeClocks reflect individual employee schedule as well as approved time off, and scheduled abscenses.


  • Allow employees to view their schedules on their mobile device or workstation.

eTimeClock Schedule
eTimeClock Mobile

Mobile Time Clock

  • Employees can view regular and overtime hours based on daily, weekly and monthly periods in real-time.

  • Managers can approve employee time clock hours by just simply tapping the "Approve" button right on their mobile device.

  • Keep track of who is clocked in and where, via GPS.

OnLine Management

Geofence your site. eTimeClock utilizes GPS to record employee location data. See who’s working and where.

eTimeClock Kiosk. eTimeClock tablet-based kiosk provides the ability to conveniently place them for easy employee  access

eTimeClock Mobile. eTimeClock Mobile makes clocking in and out from their mobile device easy and convenient.

eTimeClock Desktop.

eTimeClock Desktop allows employees online  access with a restricted IP Range.

eTimeClock Management

Kiosk Options

Remitrom offers several different types and styles of Kiosks.

Each are secure, metal construction designed for commercial duty.

eTimeClock Counter Kiosk
eTimeClock Wall Kiosk
eTimeClock Floor Kiosk

                          Features & Benefits

Manage Employee Locations. eTimeClock ensures employees clock-in and clock-out at the right time, in the right place. It time-stamps and Geo-tags the clock-in and clock-out data, with which you can easily determine the employees’ check-in and check-out location. 

Real-Time Accurate Data. eTimeClock provides the accurate time tracking in real-time. It promotes employee self-service and provides more transparency.

Leave Management. eTimeClock's Leave Management module enables you to set automated leave requests and create multiple leave policies as per the norms in your organization.

Payroll Integration. Payroll Integration features eliminates the extra efforts of repeated data entry. No more data entry mistakes with eTimeClock’s automated easy to use ADP, QuickBooks and Paychex Payroll integration.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use our own hardware? Yes. You are welcome to purchase your hardware any where you like.

Can our employees who work at home use eTimeClock? Yes. Your employees can clock-in and clock-out from home. eTimeClock will record their location.

How do I manage my account? Login to your account using the password you setup initially. Click the “Settings” button at the top of the screen. You will be able to update information about your account.

How do I update my employees? In the Settings menu, select "Employees". You may enter their department, e-mail and/or mobile phone. 

Is support included? Absolutely. We offer free unlimited support (even during your free trial) to answer any questions you have.

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