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Sign, Text, Email and Print Receipts
From Any Core System

eReceipt provides an unattended receipt processing application that allows you to create your own receipt format, including your logo, bar codes, or advertising. If the receipt requires the member to sign the receipt, they may sign on the eReceipt kiosk. Your member selects the receipt delivery they prefer - email, text or print. An image of each receipt is saved in an archive database, that can also allow exporting to your document archival application.

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Receipt Formats

Regardless of the format of the receipt used by your core application, eReceipt can format your receipt to your specifications, including logos, bar codes, QR codes, organization information and advertisements.

Advertising and Notices

While the member is being waited on, and before the transaction is processed, eReceipt will display up to three advertising graphics, and a notice of upcoming events or other items on interest.

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Electronic Signature

If particular receipts require a signature, your member can sign the receipt on you eReceipt Kiosk. The signature is made part of the permeant copy of the receipt to be archived.

E-mail, Text, or Print Receipts

If your member desires to have the receipt e-mailed or texted to them, they will be prompted to enter their e-mail address or phone number on the eReceipt Kiosk. If they have previously entered an address, they will be asked to confirm it, or change it.

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Member Satisfaction Survey

After them receipt prompts, the member may be asked if they would like to respond to a brief survey. The questions and answer formats are defined by the credit union and member responses are saved for viewing or reporting.



All receipts are saved for research or reprinting. The receipts may also be exported to your enterprise document management application.


Kiosk Options

Remitrom offers several different types and styles of Kiosks.
Each are secure, metal construction designed for commercial duty.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will eReceipt work with my core application?  If you application can print a receipt to a standard receipt printer, then it is most likely that we can accommodate it.

Can we brand the receipt kiosks? Yes. Your eReceipt app will include your Logo and other information about you organization. You can choose to create branded promotional placards and social media posts to highlight your positive responses.

Do we need a Wi-Fi connection for the receipt kiosks?  As well as Wi-Fi, we can also supply and Ethernet Adapter to link your device directly to your network.

How do I access the receipt history?  All your receipts are available online so you can access wherever you are, from your desktop or mobile devices.

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